What Are the Best Tips for Luxury Travel?

The Burj al Arab, a luxury hotel on the waterfront in Dubai.
Active families might want all-inclusive resorts that offer activities like scuba diving.
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One of the best tips overall for luxury travel is to focus on personalization. One person's idea of a luxurious travel experience may be far off from another individual's dream vacation. People traveling in a group or a family often have different travel needs than singles or couples. Looking for versatile luxury options that each person in the traveling party will enjoy often helps make the trip a more pleasant and successful one.

Those traveling with children or pets should choose high-end hotels that cater to them. Far beyond a basic babysitting or dog walking service, such hotels will offer much more. Pet-friendly luxurious accommodation may include a pet spa and special food. Child-friendly, luxury travel hotels often have quality children's activity programs. These may involve fun educational activities such as nature walks, sports such as surfing or scuba diving or art and craft projects.


It's important that parents look for activities that each individual child will find interesting or the purpose of providing an enjoyable vacation activity will be lost. For families with children in a wide age range, choosing a larger luxury hotel with children's programs categorized into age-related activities is usually best. There should still be a selection of age-appropriate choices though to suit each child's personal preference for more creative or more athletic types of activities. The best luxury family-oriented hotels will allow parents the option of dropping in on any of the children's programs as well as have couples-themed offerings such as a romantic, catered lunch or a massage for two.

For couples or singles traveling alone, looking for luxurious accommodation that has the type of restaurants, beach front and access to amenities they prefer is often key. For some, cycling or hiking in gorgeous mountain settings with a gourmet meal packed along can be ideal. For others, relaxing on a sunny beach while being waited on is much preferred. As many people like a combination of active and lazy days on a luxury travel trip, resorts that offer a wide range of choices are usually best.

Large, luxury cruise ships provide an option to resorts or hotels as they tend to have many different types of amenities on board. The atmosphere on cruise ships is often much more social than in hotels though, with shared dining tables and group game or movie nights. Even the most elegant cabin on board such a ship isn't likely to make up for the more social focus if a luxury traveler is looking for something more intimate. In that case, a luxury travel cruise on a smaller ship is probably a better choice. Larger suites, fewer passengers and more uncommon ports of call are typical benefits of small luxury cruise ship travel.


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