What Are the Best Tips for Cooking with Lemon Pepper?

A lemon.
Rub a whole chicken with lemon pepper and other spices before roasting it.
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Lemon pepper may be included in a recipe during any stage of the cooking process, but tends to add flavor best when added to meats and vegetables prior to grilling or baking, and sprinkling over vegetables only after steaming. These cooking methods allow the spice to dry directly onto the foods without losing its flavor. Chefs can create their own blend of this type of pepper at home, using their favorite seasonings and spices as well.

Real lemon peel is added to freshly ground, coarse chunks of black pepper to create the signature flavor of lemon pepper. Additional ingredients used in this spice blend may include sugar, dried minced onion, and garlic powder. This type of seasoning mixture may be purchased at a local grocery store, or blended at home. When creating a savory lemon based spice, chefs should feel free to add those herbs, spices, and extracts which compliment their food and personal palette the best to create a truly one of a kind taste.

This seasoning may be added to any type of food to improve the flavor of an overall dish. It is both robust and unique, and typically does not require the use of many additional spices. Traditional cracked black pepper may be omitted and replaced in any recipe with lemon pepper to add notes of zest and citrus to the foods being prepared.


To obtain a maximum amount of flavor from the lemon pepper when using it over meat, the spice should be added to foods prior to cooking. Chicken and fish are popular choices among types of meat for use with this particular spice. The pepper should be sprinkled over the meats prior to grilling or baking, but does not require time to marinade. When using this type of pepper over a whole chicken, the spice may be sprinkled between the skin and the meat of the bird. Lemon slices may be secured over the top of the skin and inside the body cavity to bring out the rich citrus flavor.

Lemon pepper may be added to vegetables at any stage during the cooking process. The pepper can be added to vegetables that have been steamed, such as carrots, green beans, and corn, immediately prior to serving, and blends well when mixed with butter. Vegetables that are being cooked over an open grill, such as onions, potatoes, and squash, should generally be seasoned first using a type of dressing in which the pepper has been mixed with vegetable or olive oil. This mixture allows the seasoning to dry directly onto the vegetables and thereby transfer a majority of its flavor.


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