What are the Best Paying Careers for People Without a College Degree?

Real estate brokers do not need a college education.
Firefighters don't need a college degree.
Electricians can earn more than $50,000 a year, according to government data.
Military sergeants in active service earn a good living without a degree.
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If you think there is no much you can do without a college degree, you are in for a surprise. A recent report put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor shows that it is possible to earn over $50,000 US Dollars (USD) a year without ever going to college. Here’s a quick look at some of the best paying careers that do not require higher education.

Many of the top-paying occupations in the US have to do with manual work, and most of them can be undertaken without a college degree. Some examples include electricians and electric equipment repair ($54,000 USD); rail workers ($46,000 USD); firefighters ($48,000 USD); car mechanics ($37,000 USD); and boilermakers ($43,000 USD). Many military posts also do not need a degree. A sergeant in active service and a decade of service behind him or her earns about 49,000 USD a year.



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For someone getting ready to decide on what to do after high school, this is an important question to ask. You would think that in this day and age to be successful you have to go to college. This is far from the truth.

I can think of a few professional jobs that don't require a college degree and can net you a good income. Many manufacturing and laboratory supervisory positions do not require a college degree. You may need to attend some seminars, or take some courses during your career, but you can definitely get your start fresh out of high school.

Plumbers and electricians also make very good money, and you can become one with only

an apprenticeship. You will be required to take specific courses, but you are also getting paid while you train.

In some states you can also work towards your LNA/CNA certificate while working and getting paid. Nursing homes and care facilities will often pay for the training while you are employed with them as long as you sign a contract for a certain period of time.

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There are also plenty of blue collar jobs that pay well, and are not just manual labor. For example, heavy equipment operators in the construction industry can earn well over $50,000 per year. Many of these machines require skilled operators that only learn how to run them through on the job training.

Starting your own business can also make you a comfortable living. You can start almost any small business without needing a college degree. If you have a good idea, determination, and access to some source of funding you can get started. Some examples that come to mind are daycares, restaurants, landscaping businesses, home building & roofing companies, and retail stores.

I have a buddy in Vermont that

owns his own green construction company and he is quite successful. He mostly specializes in residential homes and barns, using alternative methods like straw bale, reclaimed materials, and alternative systems (Energy, water use, etc). His homes are beautiful, and he is always busy. Since he works in Vermont he gets most of the winters off so he can ski and ride whenever he pleases. What a great life for someone who skipped college!

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