What Are the Best Home Remedies for Fleas?

A flea.
Cat with fleas.
Oral antihistamines can help reduce swelling caused by flea bites.
Table salt can be combined with diatomaceous earth and borax to make a flea treatment for carpet.
A citronella candle, which can repel fleas.
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Fleas can wreak havoc on a home, especially a home that contains pets. Instead of using harsh chemicals or insecticides, which can be unhealthy for both humans and pets, many people prefer to use home remedies for fleas. Adding black walnut hulls or garlic to a pet's diet can help to control fleas in the home, or the pet can be bathed with an herbal shampoo that works to repel fleas. Fleas will bite humans as well as pets, and home remedies can also include the use of such things as cold packs and over-the-counter antihistamines or steroid creams to treat the affected areas.

In order to reduce the chances of having the home invaded by rapidly reproducing fleas, thereby reducing the risks of flea bites that may become infected, it is important to properly treat any pets in the home. Adding a little garlic to the pet's food is often a good way to repel fleas, although a veterinarian should be consulted to ensure safety for the individual pet. Black walnut hulls are available in a capsule form and may be useful in repelling fleas as well.


Pets who go outside from time to time are more likely to bring fleas into the home. Bathing the pet in an herbal shampoo that contains natural flea repellent may help to reduce the number of fleas that catch a ride on the pet and end up reproducing in the home. Some of the ingredients in these home remedies for fleas may include citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender.

Home remedies for fleas that have already begun trying to take over the house are also available. A product called diatomaceous earth can be purchased at many garden supply stores. Mix this product with borax and table salt and then spread the mixture over carpeted areas of the home. Allow the mixture to sit for a day or two before vacuuming. Alternately, the mixture can be added to the vacuum cleaner bag so that the fleas die after they enter the bag.

A home that has been invaded by fleas will inevitably lead to flea bites on humans. Home remedies for fleas then include proper care of these bites. The first step involves gently but thoroughly washing the affected area with an antiseptic soap. Cold compresses may then be used to soothe any discomfort and reduce the chances of swelling. Over-the-counter antihistamines and steroid creams may be used if necessary.


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