What Are the Benefits of Using Salon Nail Polish?

Clear salon nail polish.
Salon nail polish typically leaves a smoother finish than nail polishes sold by drugstores.
A nail technician polishing a woman's fingernails in a salon.
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There are many benefits to using salon nail polish as compared to traditional drugstore nail polish, even though it may be more expensive at first. Initially, many people find that salon nail polish goes on more smoothly than other varieties, and is less prone to bubbles in the polish once it is applied. In addition, it tends to be longer lasting less prone to chipping, and may even retain its shine better than others. As a result, though it may be more expensive initially, it may actually work out to be about the same price, since it lasts longer between reapplications.

Some people find that there are more available colors in salon nail polish as well, which makes it easier to find the perfect color to match a certain outfit. When it is applied, salon nail polish tends to go on much more smoothly, and may only require one or two coats, whereas cheaper varieties may require three or more to get the desired shade. The fact that it goes on more smoothly in one or two coats also makes it less likely that it will bubble and crack, requiring reapplication. Many people top a colored nail polish with a clear, salon-quality top coat as well to gain additional protection and a longer lasting shine.


In addition to these benefits, salon nail polish also generally just lasts longer than less expensive types of nail polish, because it is less likely to become chipped, or to separate from the nail and start peeling. Many people cite this as the primary reason that it is worth paying more for salon nail polish, since less frequent applications are required. Salon nail polishes will typically last longer in the bottle too, and will not thicken or separate as some others will. Some people find that their bottles of salon quality polish will last for years.

Another benefit to purchasing salon nail polish is that there are some varieties that are designed to be more eco- and health-friendly than others. These are typically free of formaldehyde, for instance; a common ingredient in many standard varieties of nail polish. It may be slightly more difficult to find these in some stores, but they are typically readily available in beauty supply stores, salons, or online. For people who think it is important to have carefully groomed and manicured nails at all times, the purchase of salon nail polish might be a good idea.


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