What Are the Benefits of Liquid Silica?

Liquid silica may provide luster to hair.
Silica is often found in shampoos and other beauty products.
Liquid silica is sometimes used to treat kidney stones.
Regular consumption of silica can be a good way to maintain urinary tract health.
Silica may be effective in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
Some hair-care products contain silica, an essential nutrient that can result in healthier hair and skin.
Liquid silica may be effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis.
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Liquid silica, also known as extract of silica, has been found to be very effective in the treatment of a number of conditions, including joint pain, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease. In addition, when applied topically, silica provides luster and protection to hair. Users should remember that liquid silica will need to be used for an extended period of time; for best results, silica use may be required for several weeks or even months.

Those interested in improving the health of their joints have found liquid silica to be a good treatment. Silica contains many nutrients effective in the treatment of both osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. Through regular use, those who suffer from this condition may see an increased ability to move the affected area. It is important for those who suffer from this condition to understand that it can take several weeks or even months for symptoms of arthritis to disappear when using liquid silica.

Another benefit of liquid silica is in the treatment of kidney disease. While silica may not actually prevent the development of the condition, it has been found to be effective in treating pain associated with kidney stones. In addition, regular silica consumption has been proven to be a good way to maintain urinary tract health. Those suffering from chronic bladder infections should include this product in their diet on a regular basis.


Silica has also been found to be effective in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. It is important in maintaining the quality of the blood vessels, thereby making blood and oxygen transport much easier. In addition, silica has proven effective in decreasing blood cells' ability to coagulate, thereby significantly lowering the risk of blood clot development. Many who have cardiovascular disease, have a family member with the condition, or are at risk of developing heart disease have found inclusion of the product in their diets is beneficial.

Often, liquid silica is used cosmetically to improve the quality of hair. Studies have found that silica is effective in maintaining luster and providing protection from external heat sources, such as blow dryers and curling irons. Silica is already found in several shampoos and other beauty products. Those who cannot find these beauty products can simply apply a small amount of liquid silica to their own shampoos. The oral consumption of liquid silica also is beneficial for improving the texture of hair.


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