What Are the Benefits of Almond Oil for the Face?

A moisturizer containing almond oil.
Almond oil is gentle enough to use on delicate facial skin.
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Almond oil is a gentle emollient oil pressed from sweet almonds. This smooth oil absorbs quickly into the skin and feels smooth to the touch. Facial skin is delicate, and it spends the most time exposed to the sun and the elements. Almond oil for the face is a gentle moisturizing oil that nourishes the delicate facial skin to keep it healthy, supple and elastic.

A good moisturizing oil keeps skin looking youthful and healthy. The skin produces natural oils that keep it healthy, but with age, production of these oils slows. Without enough oils, fine lines start to appear. Almond oil penetrates the skin, plumping up the cells and leading to a natural minimization of fine lines.

Bathing with harsh products as well as exposure to wind and cold can also sap the delicate facial skin of moisture. Almond oil for the face is a light nourishing oil that can be used after cleansing or after a day in the elements. An emollient is a product or oil that softens the skin and soothes rough, dry areas and irritated spots. As a natural emollient oil, almond oil can be used to keep healthy skin glowing and to repair and rehydrate dry, damaged and irritated skin.


As a mild, lightly scented oil, almond oil is commonly used as a base oil in quality natural products. Facial oils, facial cleansing balms and facial creams can be made with almond oil as a base. It is also used as a base for facial and body massage oils and aromatherapy.

One of the reasons almond oil for the face is so nourishing is the high percentage of an essential fatty acid called omega 9 or oleic acid. Oleic acid makes up 70 percent or more of almond oil. This is one of the primary molecules that gives almond oil its deeply penetrating, softening and moisturizing qualities.

Almond oil for the face and body comes from the same almonds commonly used as food. Its close, but poisonous, relative the bitter almond is not well-suited as a skin oil. Bitter almond oil contains high amounts of cyanide and other poisons. Its even too toxic to use topically. Bitter almond essential oil can be used to flavor food or add fragrance to facial care products, but only food-grade oil that has had the poison compounds removed should be used.


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