What Are the Advantages of a Wi-Fi® Phone?

With a Wi-Fi phone, long-distance calls do not incur any additional charges.
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A Wi-Fi® phone presents many advantages over mobile phones that have no Internet access and mobile phones for which the provider charges data access fees for Internet service. With a Wi-Fi® phone, users are able to make calls and use the Internet to access websites and upload or download files, all with no fees for Internet use. While these phones need a Wi-Fi®-enabled hotspot, these hotspots are becoming increasingly common, and many businesses and public areas provide this service. Another benefit of Wi-Fi® phones is that long-distance calls incur no additional charge, because Wi-Fi® does not recognize a long-distance call as any different from a local call and all calls are charged the same.

A Wi-Fi® phone is any mobile phone that has Wi-Fi® technology implanted in it, meaning it can connect to wireless Internet from router devices. The advantages of using this technology are various, but all are beneficial to the user. The only person losing in this relationship is the phone provider, who may lose some profit because there is no charge for Internet.

The basic advantage to using a Wi-Fi® phone is Internet access without data charge expenses. This enables the owner to call anyone while being able to see and access any website. At the same time, the owner is able to upload or download files for business or personal use, allowing the user to multitask in any environment where a Wi-Fi® signal is available.


One disadvantage of a Wi-Fi® phone is that a wireless hotspot is required for the Internet to work. In this way, the data access package that phone providers offer may seem tempting. The foil to this is that hotspots are increasingly common in businesses and public places, so finding a hotspot is rarely difficult.

Another hidden benefit to Wi-Fi® phones is that long-distance calls do not exist. With Wi-Fi® technology, the phone does not recognize that a call made to a phone nearby and one made to another state or country are any different. All the calls appear the same and, because of this, long-distance charges do not apply, so users who call other countries or regions will likely save money on their phone bills.

The Wi-Fi® phone also is made to avoid drop-outs, which is the term for alls dropped because of blocked frequencies or dense usage of similar devices in the same area. This phone, when near a hotspot, is able to access the Wi-Fi® network and uses that to transfer the call. As long as the user is near a router, a call is much less likely to drop.



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