What Are the Advantages of a Sheet Vinyl Floor?

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There are many advantages associated with a sheet vinyl floor. Some advantages include the quality of the floor, the variety of colors and styles available, and the characteristics of the floor. Vinyl flooring is also durable and is able to repel dirt and resist scuffing. In addition, the floor’s moisture resistant properties can make cleaning spills easier. Sheet vinyl floors are also easily maintained, adding yet another advantage.

One characteristic of a sheet vinyl floor that makes them so attractive to different people is that they are easier on a person’s feet than other types of floors. Sheet vinyl floors have some cushioning which can help keep glasses from breaking when dropped on them. In addition, vinyl floors are often slip-resistant, making them a good choice for healthcare applications. The floors can also help to reduce noise in an area.

A sheet vinyl floor also tends to be cheaper than other types of flooring, although this varies. Related to the cost of a sheet vinyl floor is the quality. Though it tends to be cheaper than other types of floors, lower costing vinyl tends to be of lower quality while more expensive vinyl is of better quality. Lower quality floors can last for ten years, while higher quality vinyl floors can last for thirty years or more. Both high and low quality vinyl floor have a wear layer, but the more expensive layers will have a thicker wear layer than the cheaper versions.


Maintenance of a sheet vinyl floor also tends to be easy. A simple sweeping or mopping is generally all the floor needs. Thus, the only tools that are needed are a broom, a rag, and a mop. It should be noted, however, that no abrasives should be used to clean the floor. Using abrasives can lead to scratching.

Many people also like the variety of colors and styles that vinyl sheet flooring is available in. This allows it to be used in many places in the home. Some places include the bathroom and the kitchen. It can also mimic the appearance of other flooring materials. Therefore, it is able to match virtually any décor.


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These vinyl flooring sheets sound great. I especially like what this article says about them being easy to clean. My one concern is whether they are easy to put down on the floor, too. I am by no means a do-it-yourself person when talking about home repair and home installation jobs, so I need the installation to be as simple as possible if I am going to have any chance of getting it right.

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