What Are Table Skirt Clips?

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Table skirt clips are clamping devices designed to be attached to the edges of tables to hold additional material in place. The style of skirt clip used to hold table skirting in place may be determined by the construction of the material used. These skirts tend to attach using enclosed fasteners, or may be held in place through compression clamps. These items can be purchased at local party supply stores, through Internet ordering, or can be rented through some catering companies.

The appearance of table skirt clips often resembles that of a small claw or jaw and is designed to clench around the edge of a table and remain in place, despite any small pressures which may be placed against it by pulling on the table or top cloth. The lower portion of the claw usually features an extended straight pin, which hangs below the level of the table. This straight pin may then be used to attach a separate table skirt.


Table skirts are additional straight pieces of fabric that hide the lower portion of a table from view by extending from the edge of the table fully to the floor. This fabric may be hemmed to form one solid panel, which is then clamped into a small jaw hidden in the straight portion of the table skirt clips, similar to a clothes pin. Some skirts feature pleats that gather the material in small portions evenly spaced around the perimeter of the cloth. Pleated skirts usually include fasteners attached to the underside of the material, which may then be used in conjunction with matching skirt clips.

Most table skirt clips are designed using plastic or metal, and Velcro®. This type of construction allows the clip to slide easily into place, regardless of the thickness of the table. The clip may be made entirely of plastic or metal, including the portion to which the skirt itself is attached. Those clips which provide Velcro® fasteners are usually intended for use with pleated skirts that include hidden attachment mechanisms.

Table skirt clips may be purchased as single units, or as companion units in which both the clips and skirt fasteners are included. Consumers may use these kits to create their own table skirts by attaching the fasteners to their fabric design personally. Heavier materials, such as polyester, may require the use of clips and fasteners spaced closely together to support the weight of the fabric.


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