What are Stunt Bikes?

Motorcycles are often used in stunt biking.
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Stunt biking is an extreme sport that is a cross between sport motorcycling and a kind of rough-around-the-edges ballet. To do wheelies, tank tricks, and other popular stunt bike moves, a stunt biker will need a stunt bike. Normally, a stunt bike refers to a a motorcycle or motorbike used to perform stunts or tricks, however, some people occasionally refer to a traditional, non-motorized bicycle used to perform tricks as a stunt bike.

Stunt bikes are basically modified sport bikes, adapted to make the bike tricks of stunt bikers easier and more flashy. Some stunt bikers go with the street fighter look — using a pared-down version of a sport bike, with no windscreen, and the traditional clip-ons replaced by dirt bike handlebars. Others opt for full faring — meaning that their bikes look a lot like regular sport bikes, and include clip-on handlebars. There are also dirt stunt bikes and street stunt bikes; the name refers to the surface that the stunts are performed on.

While most stunt bikes are tricked out, or modified, by their owners, there are a few basic elements that most bikers like on their stunt bikes. Some tricks require that the biker get up on the tank of the motorcycle and some bikers find that a smashed tank helps accomplish these stunts. To do this, they'll flatten out the tank using a rubber mallet, while being careful to avoid puncturing the tank.


Since bikers don’t want to slide off in the middle of a wheelie — a trick where the biker rides the bike on one of the bikes two wheels — the bike's seat will often include non-slip material such as skateboard grip tape.

Stunt bikes also have a handbrake. This is a hand-operated version of the rear brake. Attached to the left clip-on handlebar, it helps stunt riders when doing advanced circle wheelies, tank tricks, and other stunts.

A cage is often included on a stunt bike to protect the engine in case of falls or other mishaps. Stunt bikes are also typically altered on the front gears, allowing greater flexibility and maximum stunt potential.


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