What are Some Uses for Duct Tape?

Duct tape may be helpful for the removal of warts.
Duct tape can be used to make an iPod cover.
Hockey players sometimes wrap duct tape on their sticks.
Duct tape can be used to temporarily extend the life of skateboard shoes.
Duct tape can be used to hang Christmas lights.
Duct tape has a large variety of applications.
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"God made the world, but it's held together with duct tape." Or so goes a popular saying. Duct tape is one of the strongest adhesive tapes in the market and a popular source for jokes in the US and abroad.

Uses for duct tape include repairing military equipment during World War II, patching up NASCAR cars during races, temporarily stopping leaks, and mending cracked windshields. Duct tape was also used on the Apollo 13 to repair carbon dioxide filters; if duct tape had not been available on board, the crew would have probably died.

Duct tape is available as silver or a transparent tape, and is made with a mix of fabric and rubber. Uses for duct tape are not only limited to professionals, as homeowners can find hundreds of use for it around the house. Duct tape is known in Scandinavia as "Jesus Tape," a clear allusion to the tape's capacity of performing miracles. The only repair that is not possible to perform with duct tape is the sealing of air conditioning and heating ducts, which ironically was the use that gave the tape its name.

Duck Products, one company that manufactures duct tape, organizes a series of annual competitions daring people to think of unusual uses for duct tape, from creating prom dresses to decorating cars and trucks. People who come up with the most creative uses for duct tape get college scholarships and thousands of dollars.


Other common uses for duct tape include:



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Post 4

Nope, you can fix heating and cooling ducts with Duck or duct tape. Been there, done that.

In fact, the only kind of repair I would not use Duck or duct tape on is an auto exhaust systems. The metal gets way too hot for it and the tape just curls up and dies.

Post 2

Very useful while traveling and the luggage brakes. Good, quick fix.

Post 1

Occluding epidermal/dermal warts with duct tape, or by other means to somehow "starve it", such as in combination with petroleum jelly, will force the wart virus to migrate systemically. The local site sometimes disappears, but the systemic migration is worse. It is better to obtain professional treatment and to avoid any urban legends, superstitions, or old wives' tales.

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