What Are Some Uses for a Second Computer Monitor?

An SVGA cable can connect the second monitor to the computer.
Using a spare monitor in a dual monitor system can increase productivity.
Dual monitor set ups have long been used in the IT world.
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Dual monitor setups are not just for geeks anymore; a second computer monitor is one of the fastest ways to increase productivity while at your desk. There are so many ways to employ the extra screen real estate afforded by a second computer monitor, that anyone--from a stay at home dad to a thrifty shopper--can benefit from a second computer monitor. Here are ten simple ways to use your second monitor to make your life easier:



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@guitarhero32 - I also don't know how I lived without two screens! I have two wide screens which actually allows me to have 2 windows open -- with a large-enough size for both -- on BOTH screens. That's 4 windows open at a time. Some of my work requires that I toggle back and forth between more than one screen so having them all open at once eliminates the need for that toggling. The time savings alone in the keystrokes to do that is huge. I recommend that anyone who does a lot of computer work and doesn't have a second monitor get one. In fact, I'm contemplating getting a third!

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I have a dual screen monitor and I use it for watching movies while I do work on the other monitor. I was hesitant at first to get a second monitor, but now that I have I don't know how I ever made it without one. When I'm not playing movies on my other monitor, it gives me more screen space and allows me to work with much higher productivity.

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