What are Some Outdoor Activities in Miami, Florida?

Waterfront tours are outdoor activities in Miami that allow people to see the city from a different angle.
Killer whales can be observed at the Miami Seaquarium.
There are many beaches to enjoy in Miami, Florida.
An International Mango Festival is held in Miami every year.
Miami offers the opportunity to charter a private boat.
Kayak tours are one way to see Miami's scenery.
Bicycling is a popular outdoor activity around Miami.
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Outdoor activities in Miami, Florida include a wide variety of events, tours, and attractions. Yearly festivals include the International Mango Festival, he Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition, The Miami Grand Prix, and professional baseball games, featuring the Florida Marlins, and professional soccer, featuring Miami FC. Of course, Miami dolphins are not just sea mammals: Miami’s National Football League team, the Miami Dolphins, have an open air stadium — so even watching football can be one of many outdoor activities in Miami!

Waterfront tours are some outdoor activities in Miami that allow you to see the city from a different angle. While you’re thinking “water,” you can charter a private boat, embark on a sightseeing cruise, sail away in a gondola, or take a speedboat ride. Also to be considered are cruises that begin and Miami and end up elsewhere, as do some that take in Key West. Other types of tours include city tours, tours that combine some city exploration with an Everglade airboat ride, and—if you want to tour under your own power—bicycle tours and kayak tours are both possible. And if you want to see Miami from the sky, air tours are also available.


Wildlife attractions abound and make wonderful family outdoor activities in Miami. Home to over 1000 tropical birds, Parrot Jungle Island also features many plants and flowers, as well as education programs. The Miami Seaquarium is the place to go to meet Flipper, or if you want to see a Killer Whale show or take a swim with dolphins.

The MetroZoo is among the outdoor activities in Miami that are nationally ranked. Miami MetroZoo is rated in the top ten in the country. The Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Biscayne Bay offers a different approach to animals, functioning as a center for rescue, healing, and release of wild birds in need of assistance.

Of all the outdoor activities in Miami, the one that may come first to the minds of most travelers is a visit to the beach. The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce offers a helpful Beach Parking Map, which can assist in both locating beaches and scouting out how to get your car close to them.


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