What are Some Outdoor Activities in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

People may enjoy kayaking in Green Bay.
Green Bay has many biking trails.
Coyotes live in the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.
Hiking trails provide fun and exercise.
Wisconsin's woodland trails contain wild animals, such as deer.
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Outdoor activities in Green Bay, Wisconsin are varied and plentiful. Green Bay's access to Lake Michigan and its many parks and sports areas make it a great place for almost any outdoor activity you can think of. Hiking, cross-country skiing, skydiving, snowboarding, rollerblading, horseback riding, canoeing, rafting, kayaking and fishing are just some of the many possible outdoor activities in Green Bay.

The Triangle Sports Area is known for its forested cross-country ski trails and its easier ski hills. The Triangle Sports Area is also popular as it is located fairly close to the city of Green Bay. Snowboarding and inflatable tubing are other snow sports often enjoyed here.

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a city park that offers scenic outdoor activities in Green Bay. The woodland trails are home to animals such as otters and wolves, while white-tailed deer and coyotes inhabit the grassland areas. The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary monitors animal populations and ducks and geese can often be found here. The Sanctuary's trails are known to be open for cross-country skiing during parts of the winter months. The old-fashioned Bay Beach Amusement Park provides fun outdoor activities in Green Bay in the summer.

Skydiving training and equipment is provided by several different companies in Green Bay. Skydivers range from those wanting to complete their first jump to more experienced jumpers. Some skydiving companies offer in-the-sky videos of your skydiving experience.


Mountain biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Green Bay. Newport State Park has mountain biking trails for beginning and intermediate bikers and is known for its obstacle-free courses and good tread. Point Beach State Forest features fairly flat terrain on most of the trails, with a few areas of minor hills.

The Lake Michigan area is known for its white water and flat water paddling sports as well as for fishing and fly fishing. The Fox River Trail offers many different outdoor activities in Green Bay. Some of the Fox River trails are paved with asphalt and there are trails for rollerblading, cycling and walking. Horseback riding is also usually allowed on the bridle paths. The Fox River Trail has a challenging fitness course on a trail called the "Health Trail."


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