What are Some Low-Cost Yet Nutritious Foods to Buy?

Whether or not dairy products are considered nutritious is debated by professionals.
Whole wheat options are typically more nutritious.
Lean chicken, which is a good protein source, can be purchased in bulk to save money.
The FDA recommends eating moderate amounts of walnuts or other healthy nuts.
Brown rice has more nutritional benefits than white rice.
An egg.
Whole-wheat pasta is a good source of whole grain and very inexpensive.
Tofu is a good substitute for meat in many dishes because it is high in protein.
Oatmeal is inexpensive and can be used to make cookies and other dishes.
A juicer can transform whole fruit into healthy juices and smoothies.
Budget-savvy shoppers should stock up on fresh produce and other healthy items, rather than on processed foods with little nutritional value.
Applesauce is a nutritious and low-cost food that can be made at home.
Whole wheat bread is more nutritious than white bread.
Mashed potatoes.
Potatoes are high in potassium, vitamin C, B vitamins and more.
If fresh salmon is too expensive, canned salmon may be more affordable.
Adding lemons to the diet is a simple yet effective way to boost vitamin C levels.
A bowl of tofu.
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It can be difficult to make healthy food choices on a very limited budget, but it can be done with a little planning. The main thing to remember is to try to include as many nutritious items as possible from the four food groups of protein, produce, dairy and grains. Of course, you also have to take food allergies and preferences into consideration. Food prices will vary geographically as well, but in general some low cost nutritious foods to consider adding to your diet are:







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Don't forget bananas! They are so cheap, filling, low calorie and nutritious. Tons of potassium. They are great for baked goods, smoothies, fruit salads, frozen, or sliced into hot cereal. And of course just plain.

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Another low cost, yet very healthy food are tomatoes. I use fresh tomatoes from my garden for salads, but I use canned tomatoes for salsa. It is so versatile and inexpensive. Sauteing onions or shallots, bell pepper and adding canned stewed tomatoes and cook until done.

The stewed tomato salsa can be frozen and used as needed. It goes well with pasta, rice, polenta or potatoes. It costs only pennies per serving and since it can be prepared in bigger quantities and frozen it is a time saver too. Add a dash of sugar to eliminate tartness. Grated cheese helps too.

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