What are Some Ideas for Decorating with Baskets?

Fruit baskets feature a variety of fruits.
A basket made using the wicker process.
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Decorating with baskets is both a pretty and a practical way to add style to your home. Baskets can suit any decor because there are many different types, styles and colors to choose from. Plus, decorating with baskets also provides excellent storage options in every room.

Frosted transparent baskets can hold a lot of shampoo bottles, hair accessories and the like. These baskets can be used in any bathroom to hold clutter tastefully. Wicker baskets can also be used in bathrooms and can provide a spa-like look when they hold rolled-up towels or elegant bath and shower products.

Wicker baskets also provide a stylish way to store onions and potatoes in a kitchen cupboard. For a great way of decorating with baskets in the kitchen, match the wicker colors to the room's wood tones. Or, alternatively, use a contrasting tone such as a light wicker in a kitchen with dark cabinets and floors or dark wicker if a kitchen's cupboards and floor are light. Any type of color scheme goes when it comes to decorating with baskets, as long as care is taken to limit the colors.


Limiting shapes of baskets in a room can help pull the space together and give it a cohesive look. A jumble of different baskets rarely works unless the style is very country or very eclectic. Contrasting colors often work well as a color scheme when decorating with baskets and this may also allow for some variation in shapes as well. For example any types of yellow-toned baskets in a purple room can look stunning, as can red baskets in a green room.

Rectangular-shaped baskets with deep sides are popular today because they can be placed on any bookshelf to add interest to the bookcase and serve as storage bins that can easily be slid out from the shelves. Rectangular baskets also work well inside bedroom or kitchen drawers to organize small items. Baskets of any shape and size can hold fruit, yarn, toys and just about anything on any surface while giving the home a cozy lived-in look.


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