What are Some Ideas for Celebrating New Year's Eve?

Going out for karaoke is a popular activity on New Year's Eve.
Las Vegas is a popular place to celebrate New Year's Eve.
Champagne is a popular New Year's Eve drink.
Drinking shots may be part of a New Year's Eve celebration.
Many New Year's Eve celebrations include fireworks.
Many people go to clubs to dance on New Year's Eve.
Buffets are a great way to celebrate New Year's Eve with a large group of people.
Some people like to gamble on New Year's Eve.
Some couples may go dancing to celebrate New Year's Eve.
A riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River is a way to celebrate New Year's Eve in St. Louis.
Women typically wear flashy jewelry to a black tie New Year's Eve party.
Some people might host a dinner party to celebrate New Year's Eve.
New Year's Eve may be celebrated with champagne.
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New Year’s Day may be the official holiday, but most people celebrate on December 31 instead. New Year’s Eve is the time when people break out the champagne, host cocktail parties, and engage in other celebrations. The New Year officially begins at midnight, and many celebrations are just getting started at that hour.

Are you looking for some ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve? There are several traditional ways to celebrate, ranging from formal to casual. Private parties or fine dining are often staples for this holiday, but you might also enjoy some other activities.

Have you considered a New Year’s Eve cruise? Many cruises include dinner, dancing, and some even offer live entertainment. There is usually set rate that covers the entire evening. It is important to book a cruise well in advance and you may also be asked to put down a deposit. Cruises are available in many areas, not just on the coasts. For example, in Chicago off Navy Pier, there are many different types of dinner cruises on beautiful Lake Michigan. In St. Louis, there are riverboat cruises along the Mississippi River. Search online or speak to a travel agent to learn more about New Year’s Eve cruises.


Speaking of riverboats, you might also enjoy riverboat gambling or visiting a casino. It’s not something most people do on a regular basis, but it makes for a fun and exciting New Year’s Eve splurge. Many casinos also offer excellent food as well as cocktails. Another benefit is that casinos are usually located in or near quality hotels with great amenities, so you can relax and enjoy New Year’s Eve without being concerned about driving after a night of partying.

If you aren’t into gambling, regular hotels are also good resources for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Some have ballrooms open to the public, where they throw huge New Year’s Eve bashes. Other hotels require that you book a party, but you’ll be able to enjoy the evening knowing that someone else is responsible for serving and cleaning up. Also, look for hotels that have lounges. Many lounges offer live entertainment and luscious hors d’oeuvres along with champagne or specialty drinks. You and your guests can ring in the New Year, then head up to your rooms instead of driving.

Remember, if you choose activities that require reservations, it is important to book them well in advance. New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year, and you don’t want to show up for an exciting event, only to be turned away. Make solid plans and have a safe and happy new year.


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I spent this past New Year's Eve in Rome. While I am not much of a person for celebrating this holiday, it was spectacular to see all of the fireworks and light shows that are put on in many of the major cities in the world.

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