What are Some Good Personalized Gifts?

Chefs might enjoy a personalized set of knives they can use.
Travel mugs make good personalized gifts for students, early birds, or anyone who is often on the go.
Gifts wrapped in plain paper.
An ergonomic mouse pad may make an excellent personalized gift for computer enthusiasts.
Some flower shops sell chocolates, candles, and other gifts that can be customized for the recipient.
Customized chocolates can make a good gift.
A nice watch, which can be engraved, is a good gift idea when shopping for a man.
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With the advent of better and cheaper printing technologies, personalized gifts have become more affordable and versatile than ever before. There are literally hundreds of different options available to you, ensuring you'll be able to pick something catered specifically for the special person.

Personalized gifts fall into two main categories, text and photography, and a number of other specific choices. Let's take a look at each of these categories, and what some of the possibilities are within them.

Text - Almost anything you can think of can be branded with custom text these days. Whether you want that text to be a person's name, or a special greeting or inspirational phrase meant just for them, a simple search will turn up a wide range of providers. Some of the many popular items which can be customized into personalized gifts include:

Photo - More exciting, and much more personal, than simple text is the ability to add photos to a number of fun and interesting products. Whether it is a photograph of a friend's child, or a group shot of your company picnic, personalized photo gifts capture a moment in time and transform it into a high-class present. Some of the items which work best with photographs are:


Other - Aside from branding opportunities offered with photographs and text, a number of retailers allow you to create custom assortments of their products. This can be a wonderful way of showing a personal interest when picking out a gift, while still using existing product lines. Many chocolate companies and flower shops offer this service, and often bundle it with a small bit of branding — marking the truffle box with, "Steve's Special Truffle Set" for example.

On the whole, this is a wonderful age for customized gifts. Technology has advanced sufficiently that more products are being offered on a daily basis, and all at prices almost anyone can afford.



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Personalized gifts are a model of love and care towards the person you are gifting to. Things such as necklaces and bracelets are good for those purposes.

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