What Are Some Good Career Choices for People Who Love the Outdoors?

People who love the outdoors could consider a career in event planning at a resort or tropical location that has frequent outdoor events or dining.
Hiking guides spend a significant amount of time outside.
Botany, the study of plants, can be a good field for those who love the outdoors.
Ridgerunners should enjoy hiking and have extensive experience in mountainous regions.
Organizing hikes is part of the job in the adventure travel business.
Someone who loves the outdoors might pursue a career as a whitewater rafting guide.
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If you love the outdoors and have a sense of adventure, you should consider an outdoor career in your future. There are many options for people who do not want a traditional 9 to 5 office job, and prefer an outdoor career where they can feel freer and enjoy nature. Some of the most popular types of career that rarely require a trip to the office include:

If you love nature but don't mind spending most of your time working inside, you may consider an outdoor career such as Environmental journalist or attorney, where the focus is on the environment even though your work is done from behind a desk. Grassroots organizing is another great outdoor career option for those concerned about the environment. Grassroots organizers work on environmental issues such as recycling or pollution by putting together volunteer groups or counseling a particular industry on how to deal with these topics.



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Post 4

Thanks for all the info! It was very useful to me. I now know some options to carefully consider.

Post 3

@healthnwell - A few more suggestions: If you like working outdoors and you like green and sustainable living you might consider being a Forest Ranger as the article suggests; at least part of your job would be geared toward sustaining the environment you work in. You would be outdoors most of the time and you might be able to teach park visitors about green and sustainable living.

You might also think about working for the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife. They have positions like Fish and Wildlife Technician which spend most of their time outdoors. Fish and Game Wardens enforce laws that are there to protect the environment.

There are sustainable living degree programs at some schools and those who graduate have both indoor and outdoor jobs available to them. While there seems to be a demand for green jobs not all of them are outdoors even part of the time. Some jobs are found in developing countries and/or working for environmentally focused non-profit organizations.

Post 2

@healthnwell--You can look at green energy companies, green construction, landscaping, organic garden planning.

You can look on-line or go to your local college and ask about green or sustainable energy and living.

It's an exciting and expanding area, my son is looking into this area as a career.

Post 1

I would love a career in the outdoors. I also love green and sustainable living. Does anyone know of a career choice that would include both?

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