What Are Some Common Cooking Techniques?

Some people like to deep fry their food.
Meat can be tenderized by stewing it.
Some people poach eggs by cracking them and allowing the interior to fall into boiling water.
Barbecuing involves cooking meat over an open fire.
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People tend to eat the same types of foods most of the time, but this does not mean they cannot enjoy variety. There are a number of common cooking techniques such as baking, frying, and grilling. With many foods, if you change the method, you can change the outcome of a single item.

Take eggs as an example. There are several cooking techniques people use to prepare them. Some people eat their eggs scrambled. This method involves cracking the eggs into a container and whipping them before pouring them into a hot greased pan. As they cook, they are agitated so they become scrambled. Other people poach their eggs by cracking them and allowing the interior to fall into boiling water.

Eggs are far from being the only food that can be prepared with multiple cooking techniques. Meats and vegetables can also be prepared in different ways. One common method of cooking both of these is by frying. Furthermore, there are several frying methods and each can change how a product turns out.


The first method in this category is pan frying. This usually involves battering or seasoning the food before it is cooked. Once this is done, it is placed in a shallow pool of hot cooking oil. Deep frying is similar but it requires enough cooking oil to submerge the food. There is also sautéing, which may seem similar to pan frying, but this method requires minimal oil, high heat, and a lot of movement of the food.

Grilling is a cooking technique that involves placing food onto a grill that may be heated by gas, charcoal, or electric. Preparing food in this manner usually results in a striped imprint being left on the food. Although grilling is considered a summertime favorite in many places, it has become the subject of debate since some health experts believe that char-grilled food may be carcinogenic.

Some cooking techniques require the use of an oven, which is an enclosed compartment that generally has adjustable heat. One oven cooking method is baking. There are a lot of foods that can be prepared this way, such as pastries, meats, and casseroles. Another oven cooking method is broiling.

Although these two methods use the same compartment, they are different. Baking uses encompassing heat to cook items. Broiling uses the close range radiation from the oven’s heating implement to cook.


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