What Are Slimming Shakes?

Slimming shakes may be sold in powder form.
Glasses of skim milk, which can be used to make slimming shakes.
Slimming shake powder can be mixed with water for a meal replacement option.
Skim milk, powdered cocoa, and protein powder can be blended together for a slimming shake.
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Slimming shakes are a type of diet drink that is used as a meal replacement to help people lose weight. They can be found in grocery stores in various forms, such as in powders that must be mixed, or pre-made in a can. Another option is to make one's own slimming shakes, using healthy ingredients to create a shake that can replace breakfast or lunch. Usually, it is a good idea to only replace one meal per day with a shake, and to only drink one shake per day; other daily meals should be made up of whole foods.

Slimming shakes are low calorie drinks that are usually fairly high in protein, fiber, and important vitamins and nutrients. They come in various flavors, particularly chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. It is recommended that one use a slimming shake to replace an entire meal; for instance, if one has a shake for breakfast, then nothing else should be eaten until lunch time. Slimming shakes that come pre-made in a can are convenient, but tend to be slightly more expensive, whereas shakes sold in powder form that must be mixed with milk or water are cheaper but more difficult to prepare on the go.


Slimming shakes are easy to find in grocery stores. Another option, of course, is to make a healthy shake on one's own; for instance, one might use skim milk, ice, fresh fruit, and extra ingredients such as spinach or flax for nutrition and blend it all together for a healthy and natural slimming shake. The addition of protein powder can make it an excellent meal replacement as well. In addition, it is less expensive to make one's own shakes than to purchase cases of slimming shakes at the grocery store.

Some people like to use slimming shakes to lose weight, claiming that they work well and take the weight off quickly. Others find that weight is lost when one is replacing meals with the shakes, but as soon as one starts eating normally again, the weight comes back on. For those looking to jump-start a diet, however, and who then plan to make healthy changes in eating habits, slimming shakes can be a great way to get started and to lose some weight quickly. Try to make healthy changes in the diet such as cutting back on sodas or unhealthy snacks, and eating more vegetables and fruits at each meal.


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