What Are Nicotine Free Cigarettes?

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Nicotine free cigarettes are real cigarettes made from ingredients other than tobacco. Many versions are made from cocoa beans that have been specially prepared to provide good flavor that is as satisfying as the real thing. They are generally used to help smokers quit by offering a non-addictive substitute to help with cravings.

Since nicotine is a natural substance found in tobacco, nicotine free cigarettes have to use something else as the main ingredient. Nicotine is the addictive drug found in most cigarettes and cigars, and it is what causes most cravings for smokers as they try and quit. Nicotine free options provide them something to simulate the feeling of smoking and provide a pleasing flavor similar to conventional cigarettes. The only difference is that they are not habit-forming, so smokers are weaned off their addictions.

There are also nicotine free cigarettes that use water vapor produced using a battery. These are called electric cigarettes, and they come in varieties with normal, reduced, and no nicotine content. They are also used primarily for those who want to cut down or quit smoking altogether. Electric varieties may come in various flavors, including tobacco, menthol, cherry, and chocolate.

It should be noted that even nicotine free cigarettes contain harmful substances that can be damaging to the lungs. While they may be a good alternative for those who are trying to quit, it should not be assumed that they are a safe option for long-term consumption. No cigarettes are safe cigarettes. Even nicotine free options and electric options contain tar and chemicals, and the lungs are affected in much the same way as with conventional cigarettes.

Nicotine free cigarettes can be found online, through specialty retailers, and some varieties may be sold by independent sales representatives. Prices for paper filter cigarettes are comparable to conventionally made tobacco cigarettes. Electric varieties may cost more up front, but they generally last longer and may help smokers save money over time.

Consumers who wish to quit smoking should contact a doctor or medical professional to discuss the best options. Some may be more suited for nicotine patches, gum, or inhalers. Others may be able to get a prescription medication to help curb cravings. Individual health or the presence of certain conditions may make the use of nicotine free, or any, cigarettes too much of a health risk. Smoke free options are often a safer alternative, although each individual should use the option most effective for him.

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