What Are Neutral Running Shoes?

Neutral running shoes support people who do not overpronate or underpronate their feet.
Neutral running shoes.
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Neutral running shoes are a kind of shoe designed for people who don't overpronate or underpronte their feet when they run. To overpronate the feet means to roll the feet inward. To underpronate, on the other hand, means to roll the feet outward. In many people, overpronating or underpronating is slight, but should still be addressed in the design of their running shoes in order to support the feet as well as possible and avoid injury. These kinds of shoes, however, should not be worn by neutral runners, people who do not overpronate or underpronate, as the shoes will compensate for an issue that the runners don't face and can, therefore, create an issue.

Unlike shoes for people who roll their feet in one direction or the other when they run, neutral running shoes are not designed with stability control. Instead, they are simply designed to give the best possible support to neutral runners in order to keep their feet healthy and avoid injury. Like all other types of running shoes, there are multiple features available in the many kinds of neutral running shoes on the market.


Some neutral running shoes, for example, are designed for people who have unusually high or low arches. Depending on the type of arch issue that is being addressed, the design of the neutral running shoes will include the correct kind of support. There are also neutral running shoes for people who have wide feet as well as people who have narrow feet. All of these sorts of issues are addressed in designs of neutral running shoes for men as well as for women.

In addition to the features related specifically for the shape of the feet and whether the feet roll to one side during running, neutral running shoes also come with a number of features that are used to distinguish other kinds of running shoes. Some of them, for example, are designed with superior treads so that the shoes can be worn in snowy or slippery conditions. Others are designed with reflective strips so that they can be worn at night and in low light along with other high visibility clothing to help keep the runner safe from oncoming traffic. There are also varieties that are made with waterproof or water-resistant material so that they can be worn even in wet conditions while keeping the feet dry.


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