What are Holland Greens?

Holland greens are cooked down in a manner similar to kale.
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Holland greens are a popular member of the brassica rapa family of greens, with a leaf that is relatively sturdy and ideal for cooking. This particular type of brassica green is created as a hybrid blend of the Chinese cabbage and the stubble turnip. Just as is true with several different types of greens, the leaves of Holland greens can be harvested when the plant is small. Holland greens can also be allowed to grow large and then harvested, cut, and cooked down to create tasty side dishes in a manner that is similar to collards or mustard greens.

Like many types of greens, it is possible to pick off leaves of Holland greens and leave the main plant intact. This will allow additional leaves to be grow and eventually be harvested for a variety of different uses. The younger leaves tend to be smaller and very tender, which makes them ideal for use with other greens as part of cold salads. When harvested as new growth, Holland greens can be gently torn, much in the way that lettuce leaves are prepared for salads.


As the leaves of Holland greens continue to grow, they become hardier. This makes the older Holland greens ideal for chopping or cutting for hot vegetable side dishes. Holland greens can be cooked down with a mixture of spices and seasonings, in a manner that is similar to turnip greens, kale, or collards. The cooked leaves can also be thoroughly drained and shredded for use in dips, in a manner that is similar to spinach. Because Holland greens have a very mild taste, they will absorb other flavors easily, which makes them ideal for use in recipes where a number of different ingredients are used.

Known in some places around the world as tyfon greens, Holland greens are generally sold as fresh produce, although there are a few brands of frozen cut Holland greens on the market. Generally, more upscale food markets will offer fresh Holland greens during the spring and summer of the year, with frozen varieties available year round.


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