What are High Calorie Drinks?

Sports drinks may contain 250 calories per serving.
A high calorie soft drink.
A basic martini can have over 250 calories.
Depending on the ingredients, smoothies could be high in calories.
Sweet tea with a lot of refined sugar is a high calorie drink.
Added whipped cream to a drink means adding calories.
Most liquers are high in calories.
Mixed drinks made with hard liquor and sweetened with fruit juices are very high in calories.
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For those weightlifters who are looking for healthy, high calorie drinks, they need look no further than the chocolate peanut butter shake. Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate syrup and whipped cream can easily bring in an 1100 calorie drink. Those who are not chocolate fans need look no further than an orange sherbet shake. Mixing orange sherbet, 7-Up®, corn oil and corn syrup can create an appetizing 500 calorie drink.

High calorie drinks can be found in health food stores in the form of body building products. These drinks feature a healthy mix of high calorie ingredients to help the builder put on weight and keep the amount of calories high in their diet while avoiding foods that offer more unhealthy ingredients. These high calorie drinks can be bought pre-packaged at stores, while other high calorie shakes, unhealthy drinks and parts of a high calorie diet can be found throughout everyday eating and dining.

One of the worst offenders when it comes to high calorie drinks lies in the coffee drinks which have become so popular since the 1990s. A small coffee drink typically has over 250 calories. Just the syrup and whipped cream alone make up over three quarters of the calories in this delicious drink. Frozen coffee drinks can contain many more calories and much more sugar.


Another addition to the high calorie drinks rings in with the drinks adults get when they travel to the bars. Piña coladas, as scrumptious as they are, have around 250 calories depending on the liquor used to make this drink. People watching their weight or calorie intake might want to avoid the increasingly popular martini bars down the block. Martinis carry as much as 500 calories in every single drink. All of the alcohols, sweet mixes, and liqueurs are high in calories.

Soft drinks are astronomical in the high calorie drinks department. A small soft drink can bring in as few as 250 calories. One drink people could tend to overlook is the sweet fruit juice. These are one of those drinks which are in the same ballpark as drinking those tasty soft drinks. If it were not for the extra vitamins inside of the sweet fruit drinks, people might as well just go ahead and drink any of the other high calorie drinks they so crave. One individual serving of a popular sports drink has roughly 250 calories.


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Post 3

I work out regularly, and I need to lift weights to keep on my weight, not to take weight off. I would love to be able to regularly drink the tasty high calorie protein drinks mentioned in this article, but they are so expensive. I simply stick to the basics like high protein yogurt drinks, protein powder (which is expensive enough), and other high calories healthy foods.

I also eat a lot of bananas and mix them in my smoothies. There are plenty of high calorie fruits and nuts you can eat to put on the pounds and stay healthy in the process.

Post 2

@Sporkasia - I agree with you when you write that sodas are bad high calorie drinks, and parents should limit the number of sodas their kids drink, if not cut them out totally. Adults should also cut back on the sodas, especially in this country.

After all, the United States is the most overweight country in the world and that is largely because of the foods we eat and the drinks we consume. Adults also need to cut back on the high calorie alcoholic drinks.

Post 1

There is no doubt about the benefits of sodas in our diets; there are none. The health of the world would be astronomically improved if we could somehow go back in time and make sure the dreaded soda never came into mass production.

Seriously, these drinks have no good qualities in terms of health, and we give them to our children like they are some type of miracle health drink. What chance do our children have of being healthy when we load them up on high calorie drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine?

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