What Are Fitted Dress Shirts?

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Designed specifically for both men and women, fitted dress shirts are those shirts that are intended to be slim fitting regardless of the physique of the person wearing them. Fitted dress shirts are made from a variety of different clothes, though most popular are those materials that stay pressed well and so add to the neat appearance desired when choosing this type of shirt. Fitted dress shirts tend to show off the figure or the build of the person wearing them, as they are made to be form-fitting garments.

Men's fitted dress shirts are commonly worn under suits. This type of shirt reduces the bulk that a looser fitting shirt will create. A suit jacket will fit more comfortably when a fitted dress shirt is worn along with it. Men's fitted shirts flatter the torso of the person wearing them, making it appear even trimmer than it naturally is. Most often this type of men's shirt will feature a point collar.


Fitted dress shirts designed for women allow a woman's shape to be accentuated, creating the appearance of a small waistline. This type of women's shirt will come with any length of sleeve, including even those that are sleeveless. Most often, the shirts that feature a full-length sleeve will have a single or double button at the cuff, creating a neat and tailored look. If there is a pleat detailing at the back of the shirt, it will be quite slight, as anything larger will defeat the purpose of the fitted appearance.

Most department stores will carry fitted dress shirts in the same section where traditional dress shirts can be found. Many designers of both men's and women's dress shirts will also feature a line of fitted dress shirts. These shirts come with and without a front pocket. Some are of a machine-washable variety, and others require that they be dry cleaned after each wearing to maintain their proper shape and pristine appearance.

Fitted dress shirts do not need to be custom made. The key to finding the right shirt is knowing the proper size. If the proper size of a person desiring a fitted dress shirt is not known, it is best to go to a department store and ask a fitter for help. After body measurements are taken, it is a quite simple process to determine what size would be best.


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