What Are Eyebrow Slits?

Plucking slits should be done carefully and precisely.
Eyebrow slits are most pronounced on individuals who have thick eyebrows.
Semi-permanent slits can be created using tweezers to puck out the hair.
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Creating eyebrow slits is a fashion trend that some people choose to follow. The slits can be created in different ways and with varying patterns. For temporary slits that wash off, foundation or coverup can be applied over sections of the eyebrow to create the illusion of slits. Otherwise, semi-permanent slits are created by either plucking or shaving off sections of hair. When shaving or plucking out the slits, it's important to take things slowly and be as precise as possible, because it can take days for shaved eyebrow hairs to grow back and weeks for plucked eyebrows hairs to grow back.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to designing eyebrow slits. Some choose to have a single slit in one eyebrow, while others create a multi-slitted pattern or design of different widths. Eyebrow slits are sometimes associated with gangs because a few have been known to have members show particular patterns as part of their affiliation. For most, however, it's nothing more than a fashion trend that's even been popularized by some celebrities. In addition, eyebrow slits are worn by people of all ages.


Temporary slits that wash out can be created through simple makeup application. This method tends to work best on individuals who have very thin or sparse eyebrows. For those who have thick eyebrows, it may be necessary to do some trimming and thinning out first. The slitted look can be accomplished by first filling in the eyebrow with a pencil, while leaving the area to be slitted without makeup. Next, concealer that matches the color of the skin is applied over the slitted area.

Semi-permanent slits can be created using a razor to shave out the slits or using tweezers that can pluck out the hairs to form the slits. If using a razor, small bikini razors work best because larger razors have the tendency of shaving too much off. Eyebrow slits that are shaved will need to be redone every few days to maintain their appearance as the hair grows back. Plucking with tweezers is another option for people who want their slits to last at least a few weeks before updating is necessary. To pluck out eyebrow slits with tweezers, hairs should be plucked out either individually or a few at a time until the desired effect is achieved.



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Post 3

@pastanaga - If they aren't plucking it's not permanent. If they are, they could end up losing their hair if they do it too often. There are still women around who end up drawing on their eyebrows because they plucked too much when they were younger.

I know people think trends will last forever while they are happening, but I'd be very vary about something that changes your look so radically.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - It's not really any more odd than someone plucking their eyebrows into what they think is a pleasing shape in some other way. At one point it was fashionable to essentially remove your entire eyebrow and everyone thought that was normal.

I do suspect that the eyebrow slit probably started as a way of mimicking eyebrow scars. But you can tell that they aren't trying to pretend to just naturally have an eyebrow slit. The stylized nature of this kind of grooming is fairly obvious, particularly when you see it on kids who have shaved lines all along their eyebrows.

As trends go, it's relatively harmless and non-permanent though.

Post 1

I didn't even realize this was a trend. I have noticed people with eyebrow slits before, but I always thought it was a scar left from when someone had had an eyebrow ring or maybe just from hurting their head.

I didn't realize that people will actually shave or pluck parts of their eyebrows as some kind of fashion statement. That just seems odd to me.

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