What Are Estrogen Pills?

Estrogen is used in birth control pills to prevent conception.
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Estrogen pills are pills that contain the female sex hormone estrogen. They are very versatile and may come in supplement form, or in the form of birth control pills. Birth control pills use estrogen to prevent conception, while some supplements are prescribed to aid conception in women with estrogen deficiency. Estrogen deficiency naturally occurs during menopause, and these pills can be used to ease the symptoms of menopause.

Estrogen is responsible for the development and proper functioning of the female sexual organs, and completion of the skeletal system. This hormone also regulates the menstrual cycle and is required for proper maintenance of pregnancy. It helps develop the egg follicle and aids in the thickening of the endometrium, or uterine lining, preparing it for the fertilized egg. During pregnancy, estrogen promotes the growth of the milk ducts in the breasts, and aids in producing the milk. Estrogen levels decline significantly during menopause.

Birth control pills, also known as oral contraceptive pills, are medications designed to prevent pregnancy. These pills contain the hormones estrogen and progestin, or just progestin, which inhibit the release of follicle stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones from the pituitary gland in the brain. By preventing the release of these other hormones, estrogen pills interfere with the development of the egg and preparation of the uterine lining. This is a very effective method of birth control, failing less than one in every hundred women during the first year of use.


Estrogen pills are incredibly versatile, in that they are used to both prevent and help induce pregnancy. Women with naturally low estrogen levels may not be able to conceive, due to how vital this hormone is to reproductive function and health. If a woman's ovaries do not produce enough estrogen, supplements may be prescribed to aid conception. These supplements have shown statistically significant increase in the likelihood of conception, and greatly improves the lives of those it helps.

Menopause is notorious for its unpleasant symptoms, which are caused by a deficiency of estrogen. When the body passes its reproductive prime, the amount of estrogen needed to keep the reproductive system healthy is no longer needed. Symptoms include mood swings, night sweats, hot and cold flashes, irritability, insomnia, headaches, and fatigue. Estrogen replacement therapy, in the form of estrogen pills, is the most effective way to ease these symptoms.

Estrogen is responsible for the distribution of female body fat, primarily to the hips and breasts. During puberty, it aids in the growth of healthy breast tissue. Some women believe that taking estrogen pills will increase their breast size, and it can in some women. Breast growth after puberty will be very minimal, however, because the dramatic growth seen at puberty is subject to a limited time frame and reliant on other growth hormones.


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