What Are the Different Types of Posture Exercises?

Posture exercises strengthen the muscles of the back and neck.
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An individual interested in better posture has a range of posture exercises he can use to strengthen his back muscles, stretch his chest muscles, and enjoy a taller, straighter posture. Proper posture can have more than an effect on the way a person looks. It can also help prevent or relieve pain in the back and neck. It may even help a person breathe deeper, as the diaphragm isn’t unnaturally compressed when a person stands up straight. An individual interested in better posture may perform a variety of exercises, including wall angels, waxing, and wall slides, to help him reach his goal.

Waxing is an exercise that generally is helpful for the posture. To perform this type of exercise, a person sits with his arms bent at the elbow and positioned out to his sides at 90-degree angles. While sitting up straight, the exerciser then moves his shoulders downward, keeping the palm of his hands facing down toward the floor. Then the exerciser moves his hands as if he is waxing a floor or a table while keeping his elbows close to his sides. He should continue the waxing movement for about 30 seconds before stopping, returning to the starting position. One can repeat the exercise a minimum of two or three times per session.


Some people use wall angels as posture exercises. To perform this type of exercise, a person stands and leans his back against a wall, positioning his feet shoulder-width apart. He presses his lower back, the back of his shoulders, and head against the wall, but positions his feet about 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) away from the wall. He then places the backs of his arms against the wall, from the shoulders down to the tips of his fingers, then bends his elbows. He moves his bent arms up and down so they form arcs on both sides of his body and returns to the starting position. He should repeat these exercises several times, being careful to keep his elbows touching the wall.

A person who likes wall posture exercises may also try wall slides to strengthen and improve posture. To perform wall slides, an individual can stand with his rear end and back pressed against the wall. He should move his feet about a foot away from the wall, keeping them together rather than spread apart. Then, he’ll need to bend his knees at about a 60-degree angle, lowering his body downward while keeping his back pressed to the wall. Finally, he ends the exercise by raising his body up once more until his knees are only slightly bent.


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