What Are Dead Sea Bath Salts?

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Dead Sea bath salts are bath salts obtained from the Dead Sea. These can be plain or unscented, and they are also very easy to use. According to some experts, there are also a number of benefits of Dead Sea bath salts. Some research even suggests that these bath salts can help relieve the symptoms of a few medical conditions.

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan. It is actually a salt lake, and it is also sometimes called the Salt Sea. This lake is referred to as dead because its high concentration of salt prevents normal aquatic creatures from living in it.

Dead Sea bath products are the salts that are extracted from this lake. These salts are obtained when water evaporates, leaving only salt and other minerals. Gray or brown Dead Sea bath salts are typically lesser refined. Dead Sea bath salts that have been refined, on the other hand, are usually white.

Like many other types of bath salts, Dead Sea bath salts can either be unscented or scented. Scents are often added using essential oils and other natural ingredients. Many times, these scents act as a sort of aroma therapy. Some popular scents include lavender, which is considered to be relaxing, and citrus, which is considered to be energizing.


Using Dead Sea bath salts is really quite simple. One or two handfuls of this salt is sprinkled into one's bath water. Many experts recommend, however, that the temperature of the bath water should be warm rather than hot because high temperatures can make it hard for the skin to absorb the beneficial minerals and other nutrients.

Besides the obvious salt, bath salts from the Dead Sea often contain a number of minerals, including calcium and magnesium. These two minerals can treat water retention. They can also increase circulation and calm the nerves, respectively. Research has shown using Dead Sea bath salts has several health benefits. Patients suffering from osteoporosis and tendonitis who soaked in baths with these bath salts report less pain and more mobility.

These bath salts can also reportedly calm some chronic skin irritations. In one study, for example, psoriasis sufferers who soaked in a bath with Dead Sea salts for less than a month reported smoother skin and less itching.


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