What Are Common Immigration Interview Questions?

Immigration interview questions vary by country.
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Immigration interview questions vary by country, however, there are some that are often the same or quite similar. From the appearance of the flag to the country's leader, there is certain information that should be learned first and foremost. Whether a citizen or looking to become one, there is information that everyone living in the country should know.

One of the immigration interview questions will likely have to do with the country's flag. A person may be asked to describe the colors of the flag or the symbol on it, if any. Another possible question will be to describe the flag in its entirety, including colors, symbols or any patterns and what each part represents.

Another of the immigration interview questions will pertain to the parts of the country, including what they are called and how many there are. For example, an immigration official may ask how many provinces and territories there are in Canada. He or she may also ask the names of some of them and relevant information about them.


One of the major immigration interview questions is going to be about the head of government in that specific country, including the proper name of the title as well as the leader's name. For example, if trying to become a citizen in the United States, it is necessary to know that the head of government is known as the president of the United States. Be prepared to also know the name of the position and person who is next in command.

The capital of the country is another one of the immigration interview questions likely to be asked. An official may ask not only where in the country it is located but also when it became the capital. As part of the question, he or she may also ask the name of the leader's residence.

An immigration official may also ask information about the country's national anthem. An applicant should be prepared to know the entire anthem, as he or she may ask some lines from it. Typically, the first few lines are the most vital part to know. It should also be known who wrote it, when and the significance it has to the country.

The more an applicant knows about the country the better off it can be when going through the interview process. Even some seemingly irrelevant facts and information can be advantageous when it comes to knowing enough to answer immigration interview questions. It can help show that an applicant has genuine interest, love and appreciation for the country.


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