What Are Chakra Candles?

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Chakra, a Sanskrit word that is translated literally as "wheel," is a traditional Indian medicinal concept that refers to a center of spiritual energy visualized as a wheel or lotus flower that resides in the human body. Chakras are believed to facilitate the exchange of energy between the world and the human ethereal self. Chakra candles are made with colors and fragrances believed to resonate with and enhance specific chakras and are typically lit during mediation for this purpose.

There are seven principal interconnected chakras that are aligned along the spine. Each is associated with a color, element, and body part, and is thought to govern certain emotions and states of being. For example, the chakra Vishuddha, located on the throat, is symbolized by the color light blue or turquoise, associated with the element ether, related to the thyroid gland, and is believed to influence communication and self-expression. A chakra candle representing Vishuddha would be light blue or turquoise and used to repair, maintain, and enhance the throat chakra or improve communication.


When chakras are out of alignment or closed, physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalance is believed to result. An individual suffering from a liver or stomach disease or who has developed excess rage or anxiety could be advised by an alternative medicine practitioner to repair and align Manipura, the solar plexus chakra. Chakra alignment can be done by a professional practitioner or via various other means, including using meditation and chakra candles. The correct use of chakra candles is dependent upon an understanding of what each of the seven principal chakras represents and controls.

Chakra candles are usually used in a peaceful space reserved for meditation. The candles that represent the target chakras are lit and the resulting perfumes are inhaled deeply while entering a meditative state. During meditation, chakra candles help maintain focus on a particular material or spiritual goal or on healing. An individual who has been hurt emotionally may light a candle representing the Anahata chakra and focus on releasing pain and maintaining an open heart. Unlit chakra candles can also be presented as offerings to sacred images.

Chakra candles can be purchased individually or in sets or handmade. To make a chakra candle, chunks of small emergency candles can be melted with pieces of wax crayon in the desired color. When the wax is like pudding, a few drops of the desired essential oils can be added, and the wax poured into a candle mold that has an anchored and centered wick. A long toothpick should be periodically dipped into the wax while it is drying in order to release any air bubbles. Once the candle is dry, it can be released from the mold, the wick trimmed to 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) above the wax, and any uneven surfaces smoothed out with the flame from a lighter.


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