What Are Best Tips for a Sugar Free Breakfast?

A cup of green tea offers no calories and is sugar-free.
Plain yogurt with fresh fruit is a nutritious, sugar-free breakfast.
Blueberries can add sweetness to cereal for a sugar-free breakfast.
Eggs are high in protein and don't contain any sugar, making them a good option for breakfast.
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There are many tips a person may find beneficial when he wants to enjoy a sugar free breakfast. For example, an individual can skip the refined sugar and opt to include naturally sweet fruit and honey in his morning meal. An individual may also consider substituting artificial sweeteners for his normal dose of morning sugar. Alternatively, a person might choose to skip sweeteners altogether by consuming such foods as eggs and toast, which do not require any sweetening.

If a person needs to exclude refined sugar from his diet but can still have fruit sugar, he has numerous options available to him at breakfast time. He can, for instance, sweeten his morning meal with fresh fruit by adding grapefruit to his main breakfast dish or topping his cereal with strawberries or blueberries. He could also choose plain yogurt for breakfast and then sweeten it up with fresh fruit. It is important to keep in mind, however, that fruit juices may not prove the best option for a morning meal, as they often contain added sugar and do not provide as much fiber as fresh fruit.


An individual can also consider using honey as a sweetener when he is trying to enjoy sugar free breakfast meals. While honey is a type of sugar, many people consider it a healthier option than the highly processed sugar that is a staple in many homes. A person can use it to sweeten his tea as well as foods such as granola. He can also use honey to sweeten his yogurt or hot cereal. An individual may even consider spreading a bit of honey on toast for a sweet breakfast meal.

There are also many artificial sweeteners a person can use when striving for a sugar free breakfast. Artificial sweeteners can be used in everything from tea and coffee to hot cereal and baked goods. It is important to keep in mind, however, that some people question the healthfulness of artificial sweeteners.

One of the most important things to remember when one is committed to a sugar free breakfast is that an enjoyable breakfast doesn't have to include any type of sweetener. For example, an individual could opt for a breakfast of eggs and toast or even consume healthy foods such as rice cakes for his morning meal. He may even develop a taste for unsweetened cereal, coffee, or tea when he is trying to avoid sugar.


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