Should I Adopt an Older Dog?

A puppy may require spay/neuter surgery.
Older dogs are good for people who have limited time to spend at home, and who don't have the energy to chase after a puppy.
Older dogs still enjoy going for walks.
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If you are considering adopting a dog, your first thought will probably go to a cute puppy. Very few people think about adopting an older dog, even though an adult pet can bring you equal lots of happiness and a lot less work. If you never thought about the possibility of bringing an older dog home, here are some of the pros and cons of the decision.




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We went to our local animal shelter to pick out a dog. The one that we chose seemed to be the perfect fit for us. He is a 7 year old yellow lab. He is the friendliest dog that I have ever seen. Since he is more mature, he didn’t tear things up or go around chewing on the furniture like a puppy would.

Even though we know that we won’t have him around as long as if we had gotten a puppy, we know that we made the right choice. He is very healthy and well-mannered.

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