Is There Cyrillic or Greek Alphabet Soup?

Alphabet soup has been around since the early 20th century. Companies that make this type of commercial soup product use the Latin alphabet for the pasta letters. The alphabet soup made by Campbell Soup Company is sold in stores throughout North America but is not available in retail grocery stores in other parts of the world.

More facts about Campbell Soup Company:

  • Dr. John T. Torrance is credited with inventing the process that made it possible to condense soup for commercial production. Beginning in 1869, Campbell Soup Company used that process to market condensed soups that have remained popular.

  • Of all the condensed soups offered by the company, tomato, chicken noodle and cream of mushroom have been the most popular.

  • One of the company’s first awards came in 1876, when it was honored with a Medal of Quality at the Centennial Exhibition that year in Philadelphia. A Gold Medallion for Excellence was awarded to the company in 1900 at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

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"Companies that make this type of commercial soup product use the Latin alphabet for the pasta letters."

Except for the ones that use other alphabet. Just a few seconds of googling turned up Maggi's Cyrillic alphabet soup and Knorr's Greek alphabet soup.

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