Is Kissing Healthy?

Sick of suffering from allergies and all of the drippy, itchy, stuffy symptoms that come with them? Researchers in Japan claim that you can alleviate those miserable allergic reactions to pollen with a 30-minute make out session with the partner of your choice. Hajime Kimata, from the Unitika Hospital in Kyoto, says that the relaxation induced by kissing can dramatically lower levels of immunoglobulin E (or IgE), the trigger for releasing histamine into the blood.

Going on the assumption that stress can worsen allergic reactions, Kimata asked 24 couples to smooch for half an hour, then tested their blood and found lower levels of IgE. The same test was repeated with snuggling only, but there was no difference in histamine levels.

Kiss me, you fool!:

  • Kissing passionately for at least 3 minutes causes a biochemical reaction that destroys the stress hormone cortisol. Recent studies have also linked cortisol to weight gain.

  • The cardiovascular system benefits from prolonged kissing sessions, as this activity can increase pulse rates to 110 beats per minute.

  • Scientists believe that increased saliva production reduces the acidic coatings that can damage teeth. The bottom line: Kissing can put a big, beautiful smile on your face.

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Kissing passionately for at least 3 minutes causes a biochemical reaction that destroys the stress hormone cortisol. Name it.

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Not if you don't like them, or spend the half-hour worrying.

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