In College, How Much Time Do Students Spend on Academics?

Full-time college students in the United States spend as much time on grooming as they do on homework — about 50 minutes per day. In total, considering classes, college students spend about 3.3 hours per day on educational activities. Other than sleeping, undergraduates spend the most time on leisure and sports, which take up an average of 3.6 hours a day, followed closely by educational activities and then work, which takes up about 3.0 hours a day.

More facts about American undergrads:

  • Facebook users typically spend one to five hours per week, compared with 11-15 for students who don't use Facebook.

  • Students spend more time per day checking their e-mail, surfing the web and instant messaging than they do on educational activities.

  • Male undergraduates report having much more free time than female undergraduates — the average male undergrad reports having about nine hours of free time per week, and female undergrads say they have about four hours of free time a week.

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I'm wondering if female students spend more of their time on grooming than male students. That would account for the females having less free time.

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