How Strong is Copper?

A pot made out of copper.
A copper bracelet.
Copper wire.
Small nuggets of pure copper.
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Copper is a metal that is known for possessing both ductile and malleable properties. When thinking in terms of its strength, it is important to keep both of these characteristics in mind. Here are some examples of how it demonstrates a great deal of strength in comparison to other metals.

When it comes to being a malleable metal, few substances can compare to copper. Essentially, a malleable substance can be stretched, shaped, and bent without experiencing any cracking or breakage. When it comes to producing products made of metal components such as piping, this can be very important. Unlike some plastics and metals such as iron that can become brittle under certain processes, copper will give without breaking, making it very easy to work with. The finished product will often be easy to install and also easy to maintain, since the metal does not have a tendency to corrode with the ease of some others.

From the perspective of ductile properties, copper can undergo a great deal of stress before any type of fracturing will take place. This is in contrast to steel, which becomes less ductile as more carbon is introduced into the mix. By contrast, copper will not become brittle under the same level of stress. In terms of rolling or hammering into shape, it will win hands down over more brittle metals that have to be melted and poured into molds.


As both a malleable and ductile metal, various types of copper and its alloys are the obvious choices for many different types of products. These may include a wide range of kitchen tools and appliances, such as cookware and teapots. Piping made from this metal works well for many aspects of home plumbing as well as systems in public buildings. Copper plating is often used for roofs and other outside portions of structures. Easy to work with and long lasting, it is indeed a very strong metal.


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