How Much Has China's Exports Increased?

China's export have risen dramatically. It exports in six hours today what it did in all of 1978. In 2010, China's exports increased more than 48% year-over-year. In May 2010 alone, Chinese exports totaled about $131.76 billion US Dollars (USD).

More Import-Export Facts:

  • China's top export destination in 2009 was the United States, with the US importing more than $220 billion USD in goods from China.

  • The country China imported from the most was Japan — more than $130 billion USD. The US was fourth in line to export to China, a little more than $77 billion USD in exports.

  • Interestingly, China's top imports and top exports are from the same category: electrical machinery and equipment. It exported $301 billion USD in this category and imported almost $244 billion USD worth.

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What does china need to import that they don't have enough of and needs to import a lot more of and can't get? Please let me know.

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