How Much Do Americans Spend on Potato Chips?

Consumers in the United States spend more than $7 billion US Dollars (USD) a year on potato chips, which adds up to 2-4 billion pounds (1-2 billion kg) of potato chips a year. About 12 million pounds (5.5 million kg) of potato chips are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday alone.

More facts about potato chips:

  • Potato chips reportedly got their start in 1853 when a patron of a Sarasota Springs resort — some say Cornelius Vanderbilt — sent some potatoes back to the kitchen, complaining that they were too thick and soggy. The incensed chef sliced them extra-thin, salted them heavily and sent them back in defiance. To his surprise, the patron liked them, and they became a regular item on the menu.

  • The majority of chipping potatoes — special varieties of potatoes for making chips — in the U.S. come from North Dakota, Pennsylvania or Florida.

  • Potato chip flavors from around the world include paprika, roast chicken, meat pie, pickled onion, grill and sour cream and béarnaise.

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Post 3

Michigan is the top US producer of potatoes for the chipping industry.

Post 2

The "discovery" of potato chips in a Sarasota Springs kitchen occurred in 1853, which obviously was during the 19th century.

Post 1

Culinary history cites sources and chefs from the 19th century "discovering" potato chips. I would be hesitant to believe the story that they came from a more contemporary kitchen in Sarasota Springs.

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