How Loud Is the Southern Ground Hornbill?

The southern ground hornbill is not only a carnivorous bird, it also is a very loud one. These birds' calls are sometimes even confused with lions' roars, and group calls can be heard from about 1.8 miles (3 km) away. A hornbill's upper beak includes a feature known as a casque, a structure that can contribute to the sound and quality of its call.

More about southern ground hornbills:

  • A person can tell a male southern ground hornbill from a female by looking at their throats. Males sport red wattles, and females have purple wattles.

  • The species is monogamous.

  • The diet of the southern ground hornbill is a meaty one, often including snails, turtles and frogs. The birds also dine on animals such as hares, squirrels and mongoose.

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