How Expensive Is Gasoline in the US?

During the week of 13 August 2012, the average cost of a gallon (3.79 L) of gasoline in the United States was $3.72 US Dollars (USD). The lowest gasoline prices in the US were near the Gulf Coast, where gas averaged $3.48 USD per gallon (3.79 L). Gasoline was most expensive on the West Coast, with the average gallon (3.79 L) of gas costing $3.94 USD.

More about the price of gasoline:

  • The cost of gasoline is inexpensive compared with the cost of other liquids. A popular brand of bottled water, for example, was selling for $10.83 USD per gallon (3.79 L) in 2012. Coffee from some major coffeehouses cost $18.88 USD per gallon (3.79 L).

  • As of June 2012, most of the price of gasoline — about 62% — was based on the cost of the oil used to make it.

  • West Coast gasoline prices are skewed by the cost of gas in California. The average price of gas on the West Coast when California is not included was $3.69 (USD) per gallon (3.79 L) during the week of 13 August 2012.

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The question should be is why is gas so expensive? It went up 40 cents a gallon in three or four weeks in western Pennsylvania.

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