How Does the Number of AA Groups in Boston Compare to That of Russia?

There are four times as many AA groups in the Boston metropolitan area, about 1,600, compared to only 400 in the entire country of Russia. Russian doctors estimate that excessive drinking is responsible for more than 500,000 deaths per year. Russians are not adopting the proven AA system of treatment, however. This may be due to a disconnect over how alcoholism is defined and when it becomes a problem as well as resistance from the Church.

More about alcohol consumption:

  • Consumption of alcohol is the third largest risk factor in the world for disease and disability, according to the World Health Organization.

  • Russia has the highest level of alcohol consumption in the world.

  • 28% of all alcohol consumed is homemade and unrecorded.

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It's not safe. One in 5 used to be KGB agents. Disclosure doesn't work in that society.

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