How do I Repair a Laptop LCD?

Allen wrenches may be needed to replace a laptop screen.
A couple using a laptop with an LCD screen.
A laptop.
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Laptop LCD screens are somewhat delicate and may require repair long before the laptop processor goes out. Common issues are caused by beverage spills or cracking that occurs when the laptop is dropped, or sometimes the screen stops working for no apparent reason. Depending on the issue, an LCD screen can be repaired, or in instances when that is not a viable option, the screen can be easily replaced.

Instructions to repair a laptop LCD screen for a laptop that was dropped usually end in a complete replacement. This is not as bad as it sounds, however. It's a short project that can be completed with nothing more than a replacement LCD screen and a few common tools. To be sure this is the best course of action, connect the laptop to an external monitor via the laptop's VGA out port. If the laptop starts up and the external monitor works, that means the issue with is with the LCD screen alone and the internal components of the laptop are in working order. The easiest fix in this situation is to remove the broken LCD screen and replace it with the new screen.


To replace the entire screen, a small Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench are required. The battery and all sources of power should be removed, then remove the cover by exposing and removing the small screws around the face of the screen. It may be necessary to pry the cover away from the screen with a flat object. Pay attention to how wires are taped and where connectors go, then take out the screws which hold the LCD in place. Remove the old screen, replace it with the new, then go in reverse order to replace screws, connectors, wires, and tape. Put the cover back on and it's finished!

To repair a laptop LCD screen on a laptop that did not work with the external monitor, a few other areas must be examined. If the LCD screen is black, but a faint image was still visible on the laptop LCD, the inverter may be at fault. These can be purchased for under $100 US Dollars and also easily replaced. If the problem isn't the inverter, it may also be the back light that's the issue and to repair a laptop LCD with a broken back light, the entire LCD screen should be replaced as directed above.

Were wavy lines or a solid colored screen showing up in the display of the external monitor? If that's the case, the problem is likely with the motherboard or video circuitry and there are no instructions to repair a laptop LCD screen with this issue. The motherboard problem will have to be addressed by someone who knows how to fix such issues. The LCD screen will not work until this problem is approached directly at the source.


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