How Do I Relieve STD Itching?

When bathing or showering, avoid soaps that can dry or irritate skin.
Using condoms can help protect against some STDs.
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The absolute best way to relieve STD itching is by visiting a doctor for help with treating and curing the symptoms of whatever it is that you have contracted. While waiting for the treatment to take affect and still suffering from the symptoms of an STD, however, there are a few things you can do to soothe irritation. Oral pain relievers, wearing loose fitting clothing, keeping the genitals dry, and refraining from the use of irritating soaps, douches or intimate cleansing products may all provide relief from STD itching.

STD itching is commonly described as a persistent itch in the genital or pelvic region. While many conditions that are not sexually transmitted may cause symptoms similar to STD itching, such as a yeast infection, genital itching is often caused by scabies, herpes, Chlamydia or a host of other sexually transmitted diseases. Health experts recommend a full medical examination to find out the source of itching and treat it promptly. While waiting to visit a doctor, however, individuals can relieve severe itching by taking an over-the-counter pain medication.


Although you may be inclined to want to bathe or shower repeatedly while affected by STD itching, it is important to avoid the use of harsh soaps or other cleaning agents on the genital region. Often, perfumes, dyes, fragrances and other potentially irritating chemicals are added to these products, which can contribute to itching symptoms. These products may also cause the skin to become overly dry, which will cause further itching. Instead, gently cleanse the area with warm water when bathing or showering. This temporary anti-itch remedy is good for a variety of STDs that cause itching.

After bathing or showering in an attempt to soothe STD itching, be sure to thoroughly dry your private parts with a clean dry towel or a blow dryer on a low setting. Moisture in this area, combined with the darkness your clothing provides, as well as your regular body temperature will create a comfortable breeding ground for bacteria, which will exacerbate genital itching and pelvic itching. Also, avoid wearing tight clothing to give your body parts room to breathe throughout the day and to cut down on skin chafing sometimes caused by tight clothing.

STD itching caused by herpes can also be accompanied by nerve pain. There is no cure for herpes, but herpes itching and pain may be helped by applying a medicated ointment. Your doctor can prescribe one of these for you to apply topically to a herpes lesion in order to reduce irritation. Herpes is highly contagious, so experts advise applying the ointment with a cotton swab and avoid touching a lesion with your hands. It is further advised to never scratch a herpes lesion and always thoroughly wash your hands after applying an ointment to relieve STD itching.


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