How Do I Prepare for the Civil Service Test?

Certain strategies, such as process of elimination, can help test-takers prepare for multiple choice questions.
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In order to pursue a civil service career in many countries, you must take a civil service test. This test will show the government whether you have the basic skills, as well as the character needed, to fulfill a certain position. It is best if you choose to prepare for this test ahead of time so that you increase your odds of passing the test. If possible, it's a good idea to get a civil service exam study guide. This guide will give you the information you need for the test along with some tips on what to expect.

The first thing you need to do before taking the civil service test is to choose a field. In most places, there are different exams for different fields, so knowing specifically which civil service career you are interested in is key.

If they are available in your country, obtain a study guide for the civil service test you plan on taking. You can contact your local library and ask if one available for your to borrow. You may be able to purchase a study guide from a bookstore. You may also be able to find a study guide online, which is the most likely to be up to date. You may want to download and print an online guide so that you can study it more easily.


Once you feel confident that you know the material, you need to make an appointment to take the test. Where you make this appointment will vary by country and which exam you want to take. For most US civil service exams, you should be able to submit an online application form with the agency you are interested in joining. The agency will send you more information on the exam, and a form to complete to reserve a seat for the exam. Once the form is received and your spot is reserved, you will receive confirmation.

After you have confirmed your reservation to take the civil service test, you need to prepare yourself for the test. Get a good night's sleep the night before the exam, and try to eat a healthy breakfast the morning of your test. You may feel a little nervous, but skipping breakfast can cause hunger pains and headaches which will distract you from doing your best on the exam.

You will probably need to bring a photo ID and any confirmation information that was sent to you in the mail. Bring sharpened pencils and any other writing implements you think you may need. Do not be late for the civil service test or they may not allow you to take it.


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