How Do I Make a Detox Bath?

Ginger root can be grated and added to a nightime detox bath.
A detox bath can be a salt soak that utilizes Epsom or other salts.
A detox bath helps draw the body's toxins out through the skin.
Ylang ylang, which is often used in detox baths.
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Many people who wish to cleans their bodies of unwanted toxins embark on a detox diet to do so. Some of these people also take part in a detox bath as part of the process. A detox bath can be made at home with hot water, sea salt, baking soda, and other ingredients according to the bather's preference.

A salt soak is one of the most common natural detox options available. After filling a bathtub with warm water, the bather can add one cup (200 grams) of Epsom salts, two cups (400 grams) of baking soda, one cup (200 grams) of sea salt, and one tablespoon (15 milliliters) of vegetable glycerin. The Epsom salts are added to help make the body sweat out toxins, while the sea salt is used as a relaxant.

Essential oils of the bather's preference may be added to enhance the olfactory experience. Oils such as ylang ylang, jasmine, and lavender may help the bather relax. Eucalyptus and tea tree oil are often used to aid in the detoxification process. For optimal results, 20 drops of the preferred oil is generally recommended.


To cleanse the body in a detox bath, relax in the mixture for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Many detoxification proponents argue that 40 minutes is necessary to achieve maximum benefits. During the soak, the bather may exfoliate his or her skin with soap, a sea salt mixture, or any other exfoliant he or she desires to help cleanse and detoxify the body.

For a nighttime detox bath, many people enjoy adding ginger to the mixture. To do so, add an eighth of a cup (15 grams) of ginger to hot water. The herb may be in the form of grated ginger root or ground ginger powder. Like Epsom salts, ginger causes the body to heat and sweat. Other popular detox ingredients include grapefruit seed oil and other fresh herbs, such as thyme or rosemary.

Those who are concerned about adding more toxins to the body during a detox bath may wish to take extra precautions. Some bathers prefer to filter their bath water with a chlorine filter. Others may also wish to make certain that their bath ingredients are organic, all-natural, and free of pesticides or harmful ingredients.

Bathers who engage this type of body cleansing believe that the hot water and other ingredients help draw the body's toxins out through the skin. As the water cools, the theory is that the toxins are drawn out and released from the body, then washed away as the water is drained. Proponents of body detoxification commonly call the skin the third liver, and say that a bath can work as an effective colon detox as well as liver detox.

People with heart trouble, diabetes, or high blood pressure should not take detox baths. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also refrain from this holistic detox treatment. Detox pads, detox tea, and detox diets should also be either avoided or conducted under the close supervision of a physician for these people.


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