How Do I Make a Curly Ponytail?

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A curly ponytail is a simple style that can be created using several different methods. Curly ponytails can be worn high and tight on the head, or lower down for a loose, casual look. For people with naturally curly or wavy hair, making a curly ponytail can be a simple, fast process. Those with straight hair may need to use a curling iron or hair curlers to get the desired effect. Making a curly ponytail last through the day can be managed by following a few basic tips.

For a high, sleek ponytail, it may help to start with the hair all ready pulled into the tail. Brush or straighten the top layer of hair so that it lies flat, and use a little gel or hairspray if frizz and flyaways occur. Using a strong ponytail elastic, pull hair into a tight ponytail that is about level with the top of the ears. Then, with a curling iron, wrap individual sections of hair for about 30 seconds to create the curly tail. This quick method creates strong definition between the tightly pulled back front and the curled tail, and may be good for an elegant updo or sporty look.

A looser, soft look can be achieved with a curly side ponytail. To create this look, straighten the top layer of hair and clip it out of the way. Use a curling iron to make loose waves throughout the bottom layers of hair, starting the iron about one quarter of the way down from the root. Once hair is fully curled, add the straightened top layer and pull hair to one side. If hair is over the left shoulder, take a small section from the far bottom right, and a similar section from the bottom just below the left ear, then twist these together over the top of the loose ponytail and clip with a small alligator clip or barrette.

People with naturally curly hair may need to do less work to make a curly ponytail. Since hair often curls best when left alone, the simplest way to achieve this look is to pull hair into a ponytail just after it is washed and conditioned. Once the hair has dried, use a curling iron to fix any pieces that have not curled ideally. If hair is already dry, use a straightening iron on the top quarter of hair to ensure that it will lie flat against the head, but leave most of the strand curly. Putting damp hair into a loose bun overnight can also result in great curls in the morning.

To ensure a strong, long-lasting hair style, follow a few basic tips. If hair is naturally straight, do not wash it for 24 hours before curling. Slightly dirty hair tends to hold a curl better than clean hair, and can make a style last all day. If hair is curled regularly, consider investing in a good curling iron and using heat-protective products on hair to prevent breakage and damage. Finally, spritzing the finished curly ponytail with a light shine spray can help curls stand out, and may help prevent frizz and tangles.

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