How Do I Improve My Baseball Fitness?

Sprinting is a common part of conditioning drills.
A baseball pitcher.
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There are roughly 18 minutes of action in a three-hour baseball game, according to a Wall Street Journal study.  more...

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The sport of baseball is a demanding one, requiring a variety of physical abilities. Improving baseball fitness can be easy for anyone who has the drive. The activities required include a variety of workouts on a daily basis. In addition to the workout plans a prospective player can have, it should also include a sound nutritional program. Most eating programs for baseball fitness include five to seven small meals a day which would consist of protein, vegetables and fruit.

Each athlete’s body must be conditioned to play at a high level for long periods of time. To be a five tool player in baseball, bulky muscles are not the answer. Baseball fitness focuses not only on the upper body for strength in hitting, but also the lower body in defense and running. All activities should be performed on a consistent basis for the best results.

A baseball player’s body is put into numerous positions throughout the course of a game, so proper warm-up tasks are a necessity. The first thing baseball players should do at their practice is to get the blood circulating in their bodies through a cardiovascular workout. Walking allows the muscles to warm up and avoid cramps. Walking for five minutes before stretching is typically enough time to warm up the body. Going from walking to a light jog, allows the heart rate to build up, and a ten to fifteen minute jog is essential for a player. Athletes should finish with five minutes of sprints.


Improving one’s flexibility can go a long way toward improving the longevity of a baseball player's career. Pregame workouts should include ten to fifteen minutes of stretching the entire body. Activities as minor as arm stretches can protect even the best players from injuries. Excellent exercises include side bends, arm circles, cross arm stretches and trunk rotations.

Arms are vital to baseball players at all positions. Arm circles are holding your arms directly out to the side and slowly moving it in a circle. To perform a side bend, put the baseball bat in both hands over your head. Lean to one side until there is a slight stretch in the opposite side. Hold briefly, slowly raise back up and then reverse sides.

Trunk rotations help in regards to a player’s ability to swing through the ball. Take a baseball bat and hook it between the back and arms horizontally. Make slow controlled movements rotating from right to left. This is especially essential for pitchers, but every baseball player should take part in cross arm stretches. Take the right arm and reach it across the chest towards the left shoulder. Using the left arm, hold the right arm in place until there is a slight stretch. Hold for several seconds and then repeat using the opposite arm. For good baseball fitness all exercises should be performed five times on each side before each practice or game and on a daily basis.



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